'Your songs are beautiful!'
- KT Tunstall
'With a nostalgic flare, an appealing chorus, a lusty rocky execution, and a passionate performance, “Thunderstorm” is the kind of song that can take your severest storm and make you soar in a clear sky.'
– Rock Era Magazine
'It is unarguable that Beth’s vocals are amazing!'
– The Music Asylum
'Beautiful vocals hovering over serene instrumentals'
– Songweb
'Dreamy vocals, painting relatable storytelling and memorable melodies.'
– Mesmerized
'Beth’s voice oozes the confidence of a more seasoned performer than her bio implies. She sings with a smile in her voice which reminded us very much of the great Karen Carpenter'
– Send me your ears


Beth has been unable to perform live during the past six months due to ongoing issues with pancreatitis. Things are improving and she will return to live performance in due course.


Singer-songwriter Beth Sarah brings a positive, uplifting perspective to the process of change and personal growth through her original lyrics. Her tracks evoke the nostalgia of 90s indie with driving acoustic guitar and keyboards that create an anthemic sound. She appeared on the published music scene in 2020 as a solo songwriter producer with the track Rollerskates, which received local radio play. She has since formed a full band with the album Let her go emulating a live sound, which was released on 1st February 2023.Beth grew up in the South Coast town of Worthing and started writing songs at the age of 14 - the first being scribbled lyrics on a napkin during a high school history lesson. She threw herself into musician life and was churning out several songs a month during those teenage years. "It was like a personal journal - getting the lyrics down on paper and putting them to music seemed to be a way to work through the complex emotions of being a teen. To be honest most of those early songs were about infatuations but you have to start somewhere!"At the age of 19 Beth answered an ad in The Stage newspaper asking for 'female singer guitarists'. Getting past the first stages of the process, Beth was flown out to Majorca where she met with Chic Murphy, financier of the Spice Girls, who was hoping to put together an all-female 'proper' band, with all members playing an instrument. Unfortunately, a drummer and bassist were hard to find, so the project dissolved and Beth went back to local gigging on the weekends. She continued to do this until becoming a Mum.Being a parent was not compatible with musician life for Beth, not least because it's hard to juggle the responsibilities of life and work, but also because her second child is autistic. Beth instead decided to focus on her career of Early Years and studied to Masters level while working in various settings. In 2021 she decided that music, being her primary passion, needed to take the front seat so she reduced her work hours teaching Early Years at university level. This also coincided with massive changes in her relationships, and the album Let her go evolved from this situation.Beth says, “Let her go is a journey of release from the very black-and-white perspective I had of the world. I experienced some trauma and this prompted me to create change, but I had to learn to let go and allow myself that change. These songs explore the inner battles and consequent freedoms that ensued, and my hope is that it will speak to people in a way that nothing else can. It is okay to change direction when your life seems to be in a constant state of fight – you are loved, you can stand in the assurance that the discomfort of change will pass and you will grow into something new, and better.”Following the release of Let her go, Beth immediately re-immersed herself in songwriting and production, entering the Lights And Lines #AlbumWritingClub. The challenge laid out was to write and record an album in just 1 month.The resulting album, Fractured, ventures into the intricate labyrinth of human relationships. From unrequited love and heartbreak to conflicts and miscommunication, the album lyrically explores the fragile facets of humanity. Musically, the songs mirror this fractured theme, melding disparate styles into a cohesive body of work that harmoniously coexists.Fractured won 'Best Album' out of over 50 entrants to the competition, and as a result will be released through the Lights And Lines label in 2024.Beth supported KT Tunstall at the Worthing Pavilion in July 2023. She played alongside Rachael Sage in August 2023 and Chris Helme (the Seahorses) in November 2023.In December 2023 Beth fell seriously ill with severe acute pancreatitis. Having a near-death experience during this time led Beth to re-evaluate her ambitious plans and take a step back, allowing herself time to recover. Six months down the line, Beth is still waiting for one more surgery to fully recover but is starting to make plans with Lights and Lines to get Fractured up and running.